Nursing school doesn’t prepare
you to be a Critical Care Nurse,

but I have a really weird gift of taking complex
concepts and making them make total sense.


I'm Sarah Vance, the woman behind @ISeeU_Nurse. I blend humor, education, mindset tips, mentoring,
and <sometimes> really bad dancing to make ICU learning light and fun. My resources have been used
by new and experienced nurses all over the country. With 15 years experience in Critical Care,
my passion is supporting nurses who need it.

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[Mentorship and emotional support dramatically reduces the likelihood of ICU nurse burnout.]
[High quality mentorship in the hospital setting increases job satisfaction and the likelihood of moving up in one's career.]
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Are filled with overwhelming excitement (and exciting overwhelm) about working in Critical Care.
Might feel incapable because this is totally new territory, but you're ready for some self-study so you can keep up with your colleagues who may have been doing this work for years.
Might want to come in guns-a-blazing right away, but know you need to focus on learning the foundational building blocks first.
Aren't sure you’ll be able to handle the not so glamorous side of being an ICU nurse - your first death, difficult patients and families, nursing shortage and patient ratio, bullying, and the list goes on.
As a fairly new nurse, and a brand new ICU nurse, Sarah provided me with the skills and education that is necessary to be competent in a critical care setting. Her expert knowledge and ability to explain things in a way that stick are what make her so good at what she does. Her education style mirrors patient safety, prioritization, and caters to individual gaps in learning. As an educator, she makes it easy to go to her for help, ask questions, and find resources. Her teaching has helped me grow personally in my professional career and expand my learning in an ever-changing healthcare system.
- Marjorie
Sarah has been my nursing educator for the past year in the ICU. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience working with her. Sarah has been the best resource for me and other nurses to find evidence based information on a variety of topics. Her knowledge, experience, and teaching ability has been a huge proponent in advancing me as an ICU nurse!! Sarah helps nurses and me feel more empowered to take care of their patients through proper education. She really is the best!
- Allison
As a new grad starting in the ICU, Sarah’s ability to simplify complex topics in a way where I could both understand and apply them to my nursing practice at the bedside was critical to my success. Without a doubt, I am a better nurse today because of her and her passion for teaching.
- Jonathan
Sarah is a brilliant educator. She has such an expansive and in-depth understanding of critical care nursing. She is able to break down complex concepts in a fun and digestible way regardless of your experience level.
- Clair

I created
I See U Nurse
because I do
see you,
I want you
to feel seen,
I was you,
and I am
with you.

These resources will allow you to feel more comfortable, confident, and competent in climbing the mountain that is being a Critical Care Nurse. The Make It Make Sense Resources are packaged as simply and concisely as possible so as not to overwhelm you or make you read an eBook to understand a concept.